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What long forgotten secrets do the thorn bushes and dusty stones of the Middle East hold? Injustice that has lasted up through the centuries in the land of divine revelations. What was the Jews’ part in it all? Is Israel to be seen as a destabilising factor for the region or as a source of blessings for the world? There are no heroes or protagonists, only the dates and events that together weave the fascinating story of this troubled region. From the far away sand dunes to the skyscrapers of Europe, what are the ties that bind all these events and experiences together?
The objective of the book is to provide readers with a historical, political and spiritual overview of the events unfolding in the Middle East and their implications on an international scale. It allows readers to form their own opinions on the current situation and its ethical and prophetic implications. Events are described in chronological order, taking the reader back and forth between Europe and Asia.
For 45 years, Marc Früh has been closely following the events taking place in the Middle East, having travelled there numerous times. As a guidance counsellor, politician and writer, he has been following the international political developments with great interest. In his various media appearances he has shown a unique approach, a broad view that takes into account historical events, political developments and biblical prophecies.

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